When the message matters more than the exact words. Nescit specializes in transcreation, i.e. the translation of marketing content such as web sites. Transcreation includes services such as Linguistic Evaluation of proposed brand names and taglines in the relevant markets and languages. It is different from regular translation in that it is concept-based, meaning the message matters more than the exact words. This is in contrast to most non-marketing texts where translations must be as literal as possible.

Marketing content often relies on imagery that uses word-play, metaphors and idiomatic expressions. The idea is to invoke an emotional response based on cultural references. In practical terms, it means the ‘transcreator’ must look for metaphors and expressions that provoke a similar emotional engagement and effect in the target language. It requires transcreators to have a solid understanding of both the source and the target markets, including multimedia content, and to be excellent copywriters. 

Transcreation is sometimes called 'localization', referring to the need to adjust not just the translation but images etc. to local cultural contexts. But the term 'localization' is most commonly used for the translation of software strings and other IT-heavy material, which is why we prefer the term 'transcreation'. (And yes, Nescit does accept localization assignments too.)

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