Terminology for Branding and SEO

Serious about Branding and SEO? Any attempt at branding, search engine optimization of web sites or translation automation runs the risk of becoming a waste of money without the development of proper terminology. Terminology in this context includes brand names, tag lines and standard expressions regarding an organization’s products and services, i.e. usually not just word glossaries but a collection of well-defined concepts and terms. The terminology should be carefully chosen and translated - as needed - into the relevant local market languages. N.B. that it is often useful to include terms which must NOT be used as well, and the reasons for this classification.

Many organizations – especially in the health and life science sectors – continue using so-called back-translations to convince themselves that their message is not entirely distorted by the translation process. But back-translations can give a false sense of security. They provide no guarantee that either of the two translations are adequate for their intended use. They also automatically double the cost of every translation project.

The better and less expensive alternative is to invest, once and for all, in defining the appropriate terminology for the organization’s core needs. This is especially true for regulated products and services where a high degree of accuracy is required. Depending on the scope of the terminology project, Nescit will collaborate with terminology experts of its sister company Interverbum Technology to propose and develop the appropriate long-term strategy and resources. 

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