Multilingual Communications and ROI

Does your content work on a global level? Your multilingual communications strategy should of course address this question in order to maximize the return on any investment (ROI) in the communications field. The term 'multilingual communications' is mostly used in marketing, but it relates to each and every aspect of your organization's global communications, across all departments and professions. We understand the challenges of reaching consensus among people from different fields and geographies - even in small organizations - and will do what we can to facilitate the process. 

Nescit will support your work to establish a unified voice for your organization's communications. We will do this by putting smart people and technology to work. In practical terms, our staff would typically suggest an investment in defining core terminology, including tag lines and other key expressions, in the languages of your target markets. This should produce an immediate payback, with important long-term effects on the ROI. 

The reason for this positive effect is that a well-defined term-base, ideally 'decorated' with images, videos and other multimedia, and integrated with your main software applications, supports your entire specter of communication activities. These include content creation, machine and human translation, language training, knowledge management and specific applications such as labeling equipment - regardless of purpose or publishing media. We would very much look forward to discussing these issues with your team.

How can we help?

You are welcome to request a proposal, send general inquiries to, or phone us at +46 76 512 53 02 (English and Chinese) or +46 763 05 22 14 (Swedish and English)!