Integrated Content and Knowledge management

Thinking strategically about the future? As the buyer of translation services, you usually don’t want to involve yourself with the details of the process, the technology used etc. We certainly don’t expect you to. But if you are working with someone who cares, you can still feel safe. Nescit uses the most advanced technology available anywhere for the work we do. And this is done without any risk of proprietary lock-ins or other potential disadvantages to you as our client.

Thanks to our technology partners of the EU-financed FALCON project, Nescit has access to an open architecture and 100% standards-based web platform that is actually already part of the future. With FALCON, users can choose between storing intellectual property resources such as term-bases and translation memories in central repositories or “in the cloud” – the latter referring to data accessed through individual URLs. The URLs include metadata to keep the information safe, and to track all recycling use and added functionality as well as information about who did what. The next major step for FALCON would be to hook up with standards-based Content Management Systems and Knowledge Management tools. The terminology module of FALCON is powered by TermWeb®, which has supported full multimedia content and multi-relational data entries for years, creating solutions ready for Content creation and Knowledge management. Find out more about the FALCON platform at and about TermWeb at

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