Smart Technology and Automation

Do you want your marketing and subject matter experts to edit the translated web interface directly? Nescit Translation offers this solution, where changes are automatically saved and retrievable for future use. No special software or technical skills are needed – only a login. This is because Nescit uses smart technology to collect, retrieve and recycle client feedback. 

Our technology is provided by sister company Interverbum Technology (TermWeb) with partners in the EU-funded FALCON project: XTM Cloud, Easyling, Dublin City College and Trinity College Dublin.

The FALCON platform can convert an entire web site into a pre-translated proxy site in a matter of seconds. To reach acceptable quality, however, the site needs editing by professionals, or the machine translation module must be pre-trained with high quality terminology and translation memory data (or bilingual text corpora). 

Automation is a natural choice with large amounts of data, and the FALCON platform will handle this data confidentially (unlike open web-based tools). All translation and editing work is done through intuitive interfaces and top-line applications. The platform will continuously improve its output quality by retrieving and recycling the human input (and/or the results of automated extraction runs). Content management and related systems may be added to the platform since it is entirely web- and standards-based. See for more information. 

How can we help?

You are welcome to request a proposal, send general inquiries to, or phone us at +46 76 512 53 02 (English and Chinese) or +46 763 05 22 14 (Swedish and English)!