End-to-end approach

Rush orders are no problem when you have a sleek business process in place.  Smart technology and a structured end-to-end approach will deal with just about any situation. Without this, problems can easily occur, because translators tend to be called in at the very last minute, with no time for preparation or reflection regarding the work being done. A common occurrence is that organizations spend months developing creative concepts and then the translator is asked to grasp them and churn out a target language equivalent in a matter of minutes. To avoid this rather risky situation, especially with marketing content, Nescit will help design a down-to-earth transcreation framework involving all stakeholders and resources.

Nescit Translation only works with professionals. Because we know and understand both marketing and translation processes, we will select a project team tailored to each assignment's content. You can participate in the process as much or as little as you want. We always prefer to see you at least somewhat engaged, but regardless of your choice, we will make things very easy for you.

Should you have style guides, visual identity guidelines, glossaries or translation memories, we will use them. If not, we can help you create them step by step since this will save you time and money for next time around – while continuously improving the quality of your results. The reason why even a few minutes’ input from you – and especially from your local marketing colleagues – is worthwhile is because the perception of “quality” in the field of marketing language can be quite subjective. A language style may preferred by some people but not by others, and we prefer that our client is the one to make the call. This is quick, easy and even fun through the use of smart technology. It is always a good idea to make style and register choices early on, to set the stage before a project is in full progress.  

How can we help?

You are welcome to request a proposal, send general inquiries to info@nescit.com, or phone us at +46 76 512 53 02 (English and Chinese) or +46 763 05 22 14 (Swedish and English)!