About Us

Our heritage and management team

Nescit Translations staff members have experience of being buyers as well as sellers of marketing translations. Our people have worked both in marketing communications and language management. The culture and mindset of these environments may be different, but they are easily bridged through a structured approach. You will find information about our staff and how we work further down the page.  

Working for Nescit

Focusing on web site and marketing translation, we continuously need partner companies and professionals with strong creative writing skills, especially when combined with work experience and education in the health, legal, industrial, government or other sector. Please let us get to know you by filling out our online application form!

Management Team

Mats Granström

Mats is Production Manager and Chief Terminologist at Nescit Translation. He has an educational background in engineering, languages and medicine, and has experience in a ...

Bengt Sjögren

Bengt is the CEO of Nescit Translation. He is an entrepreneur and a global marketeer who has worked and lived in Asia Pacific, Europe and ...

Gerd Sjögren

Gerd is in charge of sourcing and quality management at Nescit Translation. She's been General Manager of Interverbum USA East since 2007, providing process ...

Stefan Olsson

Stefan is Marketing Director of Nescit Translation and has had the same role for the Interverbum Group since 1999. He started as a market researcher ...

Ioannis Iakovidis

Ioannis is Nescit's Director of Digital Strategy. He has more than 15 years experience in the field of software development and management. He has ...

How can we help?

You are welcome to request a proposal, send general inquiries to info@nescit.com, or phone us at +46 76 512 53 02 (English and Chinese) or +46 763 05 22 14 (Swedish and English)!